Video Testimonials

Check out what graduates have to say about Utpal's training.

An entertaining speech by an ex-CFO of a sugar giant, who struggled to speak even two sentences in front of public. Vishnukant Pachlangia, a Chartered Accountant, shares his experience about Utpal's training program.

"I have attended many training programs. But I haven't attended such an impactful program so far." Neim Khan, Entrepreneur.

"... I'll easily earn 1000 times of what I have invested in the program...", Vishnukant Pachlangia, C.A., Ex-CFO.

"The one thing (that I experienced out of my participation in the course)... If I divulge the details now, it will be saying too much!... I should have done the course 20 years back.." Shubhash Pawar, Promoter, Vin Semiconductors Pvt Ltd.

"The program... impacted every area of our life..", Satya Prakash, New India Assurance.

"I was able to find where exactly I was lagging." Abhinav Ananad, L&T Construction.

"This program changed my life." Jitul Gogoi, Capgemini

"(What I got out of the participation in this program...) My boss said, 'This way you'll take up my position soon'. I think that was the biggest complement I received from my boss," Amitabh Karmakar, Tata Tele Services.