Utpal KC

Utpal KC, Author, Business & Leadership coach, Finance Expert

"If you can change your mind, you can change your life", Buddha.

People sacrifice their dreams to satisfy and secure their near and dear ones. A story teller, Utpal, decides to chase his dream after 20 years of successful corporate journey in investment banking. He becomes a leadership & business coach. Utpal is a passionate trainer and he believes that training means transformation.

The financial expert and author Utpal is the founder of Saintwords, which is created with a mission  working towards creating a world-class hub for alternate education.

Utpal’s logical mind and storytelling skill makes his training programs extremely logical and convincing. His high level on-stage energy keeps the participants engaged throughout. Utpal has been training for around 18 years.

The professionally trained trainer from IATD, Utpal's MBA qualification comes handy in effective training need analysis. Utpal has cleared level 2 CFA (USA) that aids him understand the corporate issues at balance sheet level, designing the right programs and framing appropriate recommendations.

Utpal has long experience of leading big teams of highly qualified professionals in large organisations at Chief Executive level. Over two decades Utpal analysed, advised and restructured many corporates across India ranging from micro enterprise to bluechips. He made numerous presentations to domestic as well as international clients. That helps him draw relevant and real corporate examples to his classrooms and discussion boards. Utpal was regularly featured in national and international media like CNBC, NDTV, Bloomberg etc.

Leadership & Conflict management are his specialisations. His other areas of expertise includes Finance, Financial Derivatives, Investment, Wealth Management etc.

Utpal has trained over 1000 mid and higher level professionals from various organisations.

Story So Far

Designing a breakthrough training program that can retrain brain to become successful and happy Utpal Choudhury leaves his top corporate position and starts as a full time trainer. Utpal names the training program as Transformational Leadership. The same program with some improvement has been rechristened as "Paradigm Shift." The first program with a handful of participants becomes extremely successful. It brings in transformation, which is significant, instant and enduring.

With a mission to transform peoples' lives Utpal continues his journey through the challenging terrain. He also gives free training to people in need like cancer patients. He believes that it is worth living a life of love and gratitude even if we have to live for a day.

Transformation of business is his another passion for the ex-investment banker, who has analysed, advised and restructured hundreds of companies across India. A few of his well wishers come forward to support him. Saintwords Academy is borne with an intention to transform business. The academy primarily eyes the MSME segments, which is the backbone of the Indian economy creating huge employments.


Utpal is founder of Saintwords Academy, which was created with mission to transform individuals and create difference in the society.  The organisation is involved in corporate training, executive coaching and public workshop. It aspires to create a world class hub of alternate education.